You are not the only one who is anticipating the winter temperatures that will be here before we know it. If you are a homeowner, you may have a list a mile long of things you have to get done before these low temperatures arrive. One of these things is likely to make sure that your irrigation system is ready to hibernate, if you will. Unlike the water pipes in your home, your sprinkler system has to be winterized during the winter months if you want to have any chance of it working once spring rolls back around. Seeing as how we are getting late into the season, this may be your last chance to get your system taken care of before it’s too late. Learn more below.

Give Yourself Some Peace of Mind

One of the most important reasons to have your sprinkler system blown out is that it gives you one less thing to worry about on a daily basis. We are willing to bet that you have enough on your plate on a daily basis, and concerning yourself, with whether or not your sprinkler system is going to break every time the temperatures drop outside is not something you want to add to your list of concerns.

We know that it can be easy to forget or underestimate the importance of this task. This is especially true because your system is automatic and fairly easy to forget about. Lucky for you, we remember every single year and we can help you to be sure you don’t forget a thing.

What If You Have An Auto-Drain System?

If you have an auto drain system installed in your lawn, you may be wondering if you need to have a blowout. The difference between this type of system and a regular irrigation system is just what you would expect. An auto drain system allows for about 1/2 of the pipes to drain automatically. However, the line portion does not drain on its own and therefore, a sprinkler blowout is still needed. There are normally a few manual valves on the main line that must be opened if you want  your main line water to drain. It is also important to know that these types of systems don’t always drain enough. Keep in mind how much money and time you invested in your sprinkler system when it was first installed. Protect your investment fully by hiring professionals to winterize your sprinkler system.

You Need A Drain Valve

When working out in the Toms River area over the last few years, we have noticed that there seem to be some corners that have been cut by other professionals. Some of these systems are tapped into the water line in the basement but do not have a drain valve. While this may seem entirely normal to you, we think that contractors could potentially have been trying to save money by skipping this step. Your sprinkler system needs its own drain. Know that if there is not a drain, you should contact the sprinkler experts to come look at your system.

Ready to Schedule Your Sprinkler Blowout?

As we mentioned above, we are running out of time to come to your home and blowout your sprinkler system. So do not wait another minute to make a plan of action. We would suggest that you contact A&C Sprinklers today and schedule an appointment with our expert sprinkler team. Call us right now to learn more about what this process will cost you and how you can ensure that your sprinkler system continues to work in the spring with a little bit of help from A&C.

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