Now that the weather is changing, becoming chillier by the day, we’ve started getting a lot of calls from homeowners looking to schedule a sprinkler blowout. This really excites us as we know that having a sprinkler blowout is absolutely necessary if you want to continue having a sprinkler system that works once spring arrives. However, if this is your first year of having a sprinkler system or you simply think you can skip this process, we feel the need to tell you why a sprinkler blowout is so important.

Why Do You Need A Sprinkler Blowout?dreamstime_xxl_23083276

Here in New Jersey, the temperatures gets pretty low in the winter, meaning the ground inevitably freezes. If you have a sprinkler system and there is even the tiniest bit of water leftover in the pipes, it will freeze and expand which can crack your sprinkler system’s pipes fairly easily. This will cause you to have to pay a lot of money in repairs come spring. When you have a sprinkler blowout, all of the water in your pipes is blown out, preventing the aforementioned scenario from occurring.

Hire The Sprinkler Team at A&C

If you haven’t yet made an appointment to have your sprinklers blown out, it’s time to do so. Before you know it, there will be snow on the ground and you will have waited far too long to prevent the damage to your sprinkler system. Call us at A&C Sprinkler today and get all the answers to your sprinkler blowout questions. You can then make an appointment for one of talented team members to come out to your home and prepare your sprinklers for winter.