dreamstime_l_2679890With winter fast approaching, you likely are scrambling to get a ton of different tasks completed before it is miserable for you to spend time outside. You also have other errands you have to run, like shopping for holiday gifts, preparing for family members coming to town, and more. With all of this happening, it is not improbable to assume that you may have forgotten all about your sprinkler system and what winter means for it. While we understand how you may have made it all the way to November without scheduling a sprinkler blowout, we also know how much you will be kicking yourself should you choose not to do it at all. After all, you paid a hefty amount of money to have your sprinkler system installed. Do you really want to have to pay for a new one or expensive repairs? We didn’t think so. Let’s talk some more about sprinkler blowouts.

What is a sprinkler blowout?

When you hire A&C Sprinklers to winterize your sprinkler system, we will force compressed air into your irrigation system until all of the water in the pipes has been forced out of them. Once all of the water has been expelled from the pipes, you are all set. Simply do not use your sprinkler system again until spring arrives.

Why do you need to winterize your sprinkler system?

Seeing as how the process of blowing out your sprinkler system seems fairly simple, it is imperative that you have this service completed regardless. If you forego having your sprinkler system winterized, it is almost certain that the water inside your pipes will freeze, causing the pipes to crack. While you might not know it immediately, you will surely find out if this has happened when you go to turn on your sprinkler system in the spring. As if that isn’t bad enough, you will likely be extremely peeved at yourself when you have to purchase an entirely new sprinkler system.

Should you perform a sprinkler blowout on your own?

While there are plenty of websites that claim doing a sprinkler blowout on your own is a good idea, we would not suggest it. Yes, you may be perfectly capable but the experts at A&C Sprinklers have perform this service time and time again. We have also seen many instances in which something strange occurs with an irrigation system that complicates the process. We know how to handle things like this quickly and effectively. Not to mention, you will know that the job was done correctly when we complete it, meaning you won’t have to worry about the slight chance that your pipes could still freeze all winter long.

Hurry! Call A&C Sprinklers for a sprinkler blowout today!

Considering it’s the beginning of November, we would suggest you call us immediately to schedule your sprinkler blowout. The professionals at A&C can get to your home in no time and make sure that you sprinkler system lasts throughout the winter and for many years to come.