With winter finally right around the corner you may think you are completely done with lawn care until spring rolls around. Although you are right in most regards, there are still some things you can do throughout the winter to ensure that you grass comes in lush and green when the warm weather comes around again.

First of all, you should remove anything and everything that is currently on your grass. This means lawn furniture, children’s toys, even logs or rocks that may have been there all summer long. You do not want these things in your yard when the first snow occurs because chances are you won’t see them again until April or May if you do. Not to mention the chances of the grass being dead beneath these objects are pretty high should they be neglected all winter.

It is also very important to remember to keep your driveway and the sidewalk leading up to your home clear all winter. If they are not cleared of snow there is a very good chance people will take it upon themselves to walk directly across your grass. This could very well create a path from one end of your lawn to the other which may not be able to heal once the snow disappears in the spring. This same thing can be said for people parking on your grass during the winter. Under no circumstances will this do any good for your lawn and therefore it is best to avoid.

For more tips and tricks concerning taking care of your lawn this winter check back to the A&C Sprinkler LLC blog in the near future! It is our goal to keep your Toms River lawn in the best shape imaginable regardless of what time of year it is! Call us for more information!