Importance of Having Your Sprinklers Blown Out

Adding a sprinkler system to your yard is one of the many ways that you can lower the overall maintenance of your landscape. When you’ve installed a high-quality sprinkler system, you are able to rely on this system to ensure that your landscape is taken care of without having to spend time watering them yourself. While your sprinklers are relatively low maintenance landscaping equipment, they do require a bit of help every now and then.

One of the more prominent types of maintenance that your sprinklers require is a blow out when temperatures start to drop. This is a form of maintenance that we strongly suggest, and for a few reasons. Keep reading to see why winterizing your sprinkler system is so important.

Bigger Issues Down the Road

There are few things worse than when small problems turn into more significant problems, and that’s precisely what can happen if you don’t get your sprinklers blown out. More specifically, it’s absolutely crucial that you get your sprinklers blown out by a professional. You see, when it starts to get cold outside, there’s an extremely high chance of your pipes freezing. When this happens, any water that is in them or moving through them can lead to a blown pipe or a leak.

For some, these are small issues to tackle, and it can seem as though these problems can wait until the coming season. This, however, is wrong. Blown pipes and leaks can do plenty of damage even during the colder seasons. From foundation damage to pricey pipe repairs, you want to ensure that you do your best to avoid these issues before they become a problem. For that reason, we always suggest getting your sprinkler system winterized sooner rather than later.

Affect Your Warranty

From your sprinkler system to your insurance, maintenance completed is always taken into consideration. One of the maintenance tasks that you need to complete with your sprinklers is having them blown out. If you decide not to have your sprinklers blown out or you choose to do it yourself and wind up with damage on your hands, it could affect the warranty of the repair or the insurance claims that you make.

Rather than try to tackle this maintenance on your own, allow for a professional to get the job done. Not only will we take some work off your plate, but you can feel confident in knowing that our team will get the job done correctly and that you’ll enjoy a damage-free spring.

Avoid Costly Damages

We talked about how not having your sprinkler system winterized can lead to damages down the road, and how those damages could affect your warranty. The one thing that is extremely important for us to touch on are the costs that can be associated with these damages. Your sprinkler system shouldn’t be the most expensive repair or maintenance that you conduct for your house — that simply doesn’t make sense. However, if you wind up with sprinkler damage, it could become one of the more expensive costs on your hands.

Sprinklers carry water, and water can do some serious damage. From leaks that affect the foundation of your house to pipes that require complete replacement, sprinkler system damages get pricey. By paying to have your sprinkler system winterized, you’re ensuring that you enter spring without any costly damages or repair needs.

Contact Our Team Today

Winterizing your sprinkler system is an absolute must. Aside from all of the reasons that we’ve mentioned above, taking care of your sprinkler system by winterizing it helps ensure that it can continue to work for years to come. When you chose to install your sprinkler system, you had full intentions of using it for years, so it’s crucial that you treat it as so. Allow for our team to be the ones that help make sure that your sprinklers continue to work.

If you’re in need of assistance winterizing your sprinklers, contact our lawn sprinkler company. A & C Sprinkler serves the greater Toms River area with the sprinkler services necessary to maintain and enjoy your water system. Get them taken care of today and avoid the repercussions of a damaged sprinkler system this coming spring.