1. It’s Time To Start Thinking About Sprinkler Blowouts

    In New Jersey we tend to enjoy a relatively exciting winter each year. We know that you will agree that while the days can be mild from time to time, the nights are extremely cold, miserably so at times. From November through march, there is always a chance that temperatures will drop below freezing , which means skipping your sprinkler blowout is simply not an option. Why Should You Have Your Law…Read More

  2. Lawn Sprinkler FAQ

    As the lawn care experts in Toms River, we get a ton of questions from those who have homes in our areas. They want to know all about what they can expect when they have a sprinkler system installed and thereafter. We like to be as helpful as we possibly can be and therefore have decided to put together a list of the questions we get the most often, as well as the answers to them. Continue reading…Read More

  3. Prepping Your Sprinkler System For Spring

    With spring about to arrive in just five short days, you are likely getting pretty excited about the return of warm weather. It is probably that you, like our team at A&C,  are also looking forward to your lawn not being covered in snow and ice anymore. Just the idea of what is to come in the months ahead is enough to make us giddy here at A&C Sprinklers. We love the idea of spending hour…Read More

  4. It’s Your Last Chance To Get A Sprinkler Blowout

    With winter fast approaching, you likely are scrambling to get a ton of different tasks completed before it is miserable for you to spend time outside. You also have other errands you have to run, like shopping for holiday gifts, preparing for family members coming to town, and more. With all of this happening, it is not improbable to assume that you may have forgotten all about your sprinkler sys…Read More

  5. Treat Your Lawn This Winter By Staying Off Of It

    At some point or another, we are sure that you’ve seen the signs reading “Keep Off The Grass”  posted in yards and wondered why they were necessary.  After all, does it really matter if people walk on grass? However, there is actually a great reason to not walk on the grass in your lawn, especially during the winter season. This tactic of keeping off the grass may actually be able to provi…Read More

  6. It’s Time For A Sprinkler Blowout Once Again

    Now that the weather is changing, becoming chillier by the day, we’ve started getting a lot of calls from homeowners looking to schedule a sprinkler blowout. This really excites us as we know that having a sprinkler blowout is absolutely necessary if you want to continue having a sprinkler system that works once spring arrives. However, if this is your first year of having a sprinkler system or …Read More

  7. Tips For Buying Your Next Lawn Mower

    The weather is getting cooler which means that before we know it, it will be winter. Fortunately, this also means that it is the best time to replace that old worn out lawn mower that you had to deal with all summer long. While you may think it doesn’t matter terribly much what kind of lawn mower you invest in, you may want to reconsider. The overall health of your lawn is entirely dependent on …Read More

  8. Fall Lawn Care Tips From A&C

    With summer coming to an end and fall just around the corner, the generally consensus is that you can basically forget about your lawn until spring arrives, right? Wrong. Your lawn is still in need of a lot of attention. In fact, neglecting it now will likely render you a whole year of regret where your yard is concerned. With this in mind, let’s talk about some of the ways you can maintain your…Read More

  9. Seeding and Re-Seeding Your Lawn In The Fall

    While you may think your lawn is in great shape, you may also see that there is room for improvement when it comes to your grass. Walk around your neighborhood and you will likely see several lawns that you are envious of. Wouldn’t you like to have one of the lawns that your neighbors covet? We thought so. In order to get the very best out of your yard, you are going to have to practice seeding …Read More

  10. Sometimes Summer Isn’t Kind To Your Lawn

    In every homeowner’s fantasy, they have beautiful lush grass throughout the warm months. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever the case. There are plenty of factors that can lead you to having unhealthy grass or perhaps no grass at all in your lawn. On of the most common ways people see their yards perish is when there is a lack of rain in their area. Droughts are a huge pain when you are trying to…Read More