It’s that time of year again when your lawn is in jeopardy from the sweltering summer.. Watering your lawn is not as simple as you think however. For something that is seems relatively easy there are a lot of steps and when we say “a lot”, we mean A LOT.
First and foremost you must consider the common bits of knowledge that are constantly repeated when it comes to lawn watering. Remember, if the soil is still damp you do not need to water the grass again. Give it some time to absorb the moisture from the previous watering. On that same note, you should never have your sprinkler system set to “automatic”. Always turn the irrigation controller to the “manual” position so that you are in control 100% of the time when it comes to how much water your yard is receiving.
Being aware of how often you should be watering during certain seasons is extremely important as well. During the heat of summer it is best if your lawn is watered every three to four days, whereas you can go longer in between watering during the spring and fall off seasons.
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