We get our fair share of snow and ice in New Jersey. These are weather conditions that your sprinkler systems honestly stands no chance against. This is why each year before the first frost hits, you have to prepare your irrigation system. This is known as a “sprinkler blowout”.

When A&C Sprinklers LLC comes to winterize your irrigation system there are a few things we will do. First the valve must be turned off. After which, the experts on our team will use an air compressor to shoot air through your irrigation system to remove all the water that remains in it. This will prevent your pipes from freezing this winter and keep you from having to get an entirely new sprinkler system installed next spring. Believe us, replacing your entire sprinkler system is far more expensive than simply having a sprinkler blowout completed.

There are plenty of websites out there claiming that this process can be done in a DIY fashion. However, to ensure your system has been winterized correctly you should really hire a professional. The experts at A&C Sprinkler can blowout your sprinkler system in no time and for an affordable price. Not to mention you have to worry all winter that your pipes might freeze at any moment.

Call us today at A&C Sprinkler and schedule your sprinkler blowout in the next couple of months! You will be so happy when spring rolls around and your irrigation system is working properly and is in tip top shape.