Many homeowners in the New Jersey/PA area regularly experience unwanted water, mud or soggy soil on their property. We offer practical, affordable solutions to common issues. If you regularly experience any of these problems give us a call. We’ll inspect your property and give you a free estimate on a drainage solution.

Moisture-soaked ground is very common in certain areas in New Jersey/PA. It is usually pretty easy to spot, and very easy to feel.

This symptom is usually the result of undesirable grading. Because gravity pulls water in a downward motion, it does not run uphill, and therefore collects where it cannot flow away from the property. Lawn mowers often partially sink into wet, soggy ground and leave tracks. Children and pets playing in wet, soggy areas often track dirt and mud back into the house. Fungus, mold and mildew grows in wet ground.

Puddles or Standing Water?
Water should drain from all locations in your yard. If a puddle remains longer than 60 minutes after a rainstorm ends, you probably have a drainage issue.   Puddles remaining in the yard for long periods of time make good breeding grounds for mosquitoes.